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Tuition Assistance
Bethlehem Lutheran Congregation is committed to providing a Christ centered education to its youth. Since Bethlehem does not have the facilities to provide a Christ centered education on premise, Bethlehem offers tuition assistance to families desiring to send their children to one of the area WELS Lutheran schools: Grace Lutheran School, Martin Luther Lutheran School and Winnebago Lutheran Academy. It is Bethlehem’s intention to reduce the cost of full-time Lutheran education to active families of the congregation. 

Program Funding
This program is funded through Bethlehem’s General Fund Budget. The amount of funding is not to exceed 15% of any year’s total budget. The available funds are to be proportioned to active families with children in a Lutheran Elementary School or Secondary school that meet all registration requirements. This program will pay no greater than two-thirds of tuition costs for Pre-K – 8th Grade, and one-half the tuition for grades 9-12. Additional funds may be available through other organizations and/or programs of the congregation. More information about additional funding is available through the church office or the church website (www.cometobethlehem.net). Program funding is subject to yearly review and may change without notice.

Registration for Tuition Assistance
For the purpose of the congregation’s financial planning it is necessary to register for tuition assistance by June 15 prior to the school year beginning in September. Families can register on Bethlehem’s website or by calling the church office. Funds for tuition assistance are distributed in July. Funding cannot be
guaranteed to those that register at a later date.

Active Family Responsibilities
A Christ centered education begins in the home. Parents have the first obligation for the Christian training of their children. Families with children attending a Lutheran elementary school or high school should reflect a Christ centered home that includes family devotions, Bible study, weekly worship attendance, and Sunday School attendance. Also, families will support the work of the Lord’s kingdom at Bethlehem with their time, talents and treasures.